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Majestic SEO refers to a platform of analyzing backlinks for current prospects and customers. Backlinks to a site are usually an important factor that results in determination of how well one ranks in the search engines for any keyword given. By creating an account, a person can get a limited number of free searches in a day. This is however limited as one only finds top level statistics( Citation and Trust Flows) of the page/domain being searched for and hence finding just a small number of the actual backlinks.

Beratung in SuchmaschinenoptimierungA person can use majestic berlin SEO in analyzing the profile of backlink of any web page of website. In particular, the following metrics can be looked at:

i. Number of backlinks which points to the site

ii. Number of referring domains which are pointing to the site.

iii. Citation and Trust flows. These are the statistics of majestic.

iv. Anchor text profiles

v. Exact links which points to the site

Seo Agentur Berlin

Seo berlin

Uses of Majestic SEO Beratung backlink analysis

a) Analyzing the backlinks of a competing page or site needed to be outranked.

b) Finding potential backlinks sources for a personal or clients sites.

c) Building a broken link.

d) Checking the backlink profile of the site for potential links of bad neighborhoods.

Suchmaschinenoptimierung Berlin


i. Takes into account a more visual approach than other tools of backlink which can be used for data analyzing in a new way or for presentations.

SEOii. It dives into the history of backlink. This history is very helpful during the analysis of prospects.

iii. Has a reasonable price for the amount of information got.

iv. It provides trustworthy data.

v. Graphs engaged are easy to understand.

Seo Beratung Berlin


i. Despite of it giving a lot of information, its terminologies require reading and training so as to get the understanding of the meaning and what it refers to.

ii. Being a link tool, it is a hard sell budget in case one already has other tools such as Moz’s Open Site Explorer.

iii. It requires better support. Contact forms are usually not enough.

iv. Freezes on export

v. It lacks features which are present in other Suchmaschinenoptimierung Agentur Berlin suites like SEMRush and Moz

Suchmaschinenoptimierung Agentur BerlinConclusion

It is worth having a majestic SEO when interested to getting ahead with SEO Experte whether for client based SEO work, affiliate marketing or running in house campaigns for the employer. Or you just contact For those who want to begin in backlink analysis, having a majestic SEO optimierung berlin will be very impressive by doing a perfect job. It is a good tool that helps in identification of poor quality links.