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Atmos dry herb vaporizer

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Vapes are electronic devices built as the technological progression of the electronic cigarettes aka herbal vaporizers– they are used to heat various dried herbs, oils, waxes or specially prepared e-liquids to a temperature lower than the combustion threshold I order to release a vapor that contains around 95% less carcinogens and 20% more of the active substance present in the load used. When discussing cannabis specifically the high is reported to take longer to achieve, but the dose needed is smaller and the effects are supposedly both more intense and easier on the lungs.

Dry Herb Vaporizer

Best Vaporizer for Weed

The VaporFi Atom is a mid-range vaporizer that combines mid-range price (140$) with a 3000mAh battery (around 2 hours of life during use) and can produce flavor close to undistinguishable from its higher priced competitors like Pax 3 (priced at 200$). It comes with quality components too – a sizeable ceramic heating chamber and a stainless steel air pathway. The Atom offers a 30 days money back guarantee.

Portable Vaporizers – Features

vaporizer for weedIt has several useful features – safety from over charging or over discharging, a motion sensor driven indicator of battery life (you shake the device and get a certain color of light depending on battery status – green for charged, yellow for partial, red for low and blue for charging.), three different temperature settings and has several mouthpiece heat protectors included so you can share herb but not saliva with your companions. But the cherry on top of the cake is that the Atom is a device designed for sessions rather than for single puffs – you can heat it once and inhale several times, but you still have to do so in a brisk manner.

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Unfortunately no device is perfect and the Atom too has several shortcomings. While the battery has a good 2 hour life, it also needs about 4 hours to fully recharge. Although its fits inside the hand , there are smaller vapes out there and given that the Atom marijuana vaporizer has about 2 minutes of heating time, it is not the optimal choice for public consumption. Of smaller import but a problem nevertheless is the fact that the Atom comes only in black and has an outer shell made of cheaper materials. Read more about the Atmos here:

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All in all while we can’t say the Atom is the next hottest thing since sliced bread on the vape market, we can certainly recommend it is one of the better products in its price range. To sum it up, the VaporFi Atom combines quality core features with affordable price achieved at the cost of trendy conveniences and outer appearance.