Best Portable Vaporizer for dry herb + Weed Vape Mods

How to Find the Best Weed Vaporizer & Vape Mods for You

Best Weed Vape Mods

There are numerous varieties and types of the best portable vaporizer on the market. Weed Vaporizers are used for a multitude of purposes including smoking cessation, medicinal purposes, room deodorizing, and cannabis vaporization just to name a few. The best vaporizer choice depends on the intended use of it. Here are a few tips to keep in mind, when choosing the best vaporizer for you –

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If you are planning to use a marijuana vaporizer strictly for smoking cessation, then the best dry herb vaporizer is the most likely and sensible choice. A good option is the purchase of an e-cigarette. This type of vaporizers is very portable. They are small and can fit easily and discreetly into your pocket. They also require no electricity as they get power from internal lithium batteries. They are very compact and provide a vaporizerviable substitute for cigarettes. The e-cigarette can be purchased in refillable and disposable forms from a variety of manufacturers. The rechargeable type is a bit more expensive but can turn out to be cheaper in the long run. For those looking to try the device before making a larger purchase, the disposable ones are an excellent option.

When seeking to buy the best vape mod for medicinal purposes, look for the best box mod vape that boasts a capacity for herbal home remedies. Many vape mods are portable box mod vapeused to treat common ailments such as health problems due to stress, cold and flu, asthma and many other breathing problems. Look for a vaporizer that allows the use of pure ground herbs and comes with a grinder to grind your fresh herbal material. A direct inhalation ecig is the best choice for this type of use so be sure this is an option as well. Such vape mods should have a vapor capture device such as a balloon bag with a mouthpiece to allow a single user to get concentrated doses of a vaporized herbal remedy. This type of box mods is also best to use with tobacco for the same reasons.

A vape box mod that is best to use for room deodorizing should be designed for use with essential oils. Since essential oils are a very concentrated blend of plant extracts, the vapor created from these oils is quite strong. Direct inhalation can be overwhelming, but placing the vapor into the surrounding room air can provide your home with a nice, fresh herbal scent. For this reason, choose a e-cigarette that does not require a vapor capture device, but instead has a good fan to disseminate the vapor throughout the room.

Best vaporizers

Best Vaporizers – Dry Herb and Portable Vaporizer

Atmos dry herb vaporizer

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Vapes are electronic devices built as the technological progression of the electronic cigarettes aka herbal vaporizers– they are used to heat various dried herbs, oils, waxes or specially prepared e-liquids to a temperature lower than the combustion threshold I order to release a vapor that contains around 95% less carcinogens and 20% more of the active substance present in the load used. When discussing cannabis specifically the high is reported to take longer to achieve, but the dose needed is smaller and the effects are supposedly both more intense and easier on the lungs.

Dry Herb Vaporizer

Best Vaporizer for Weed

The VaporFi Atom is a mid-range vaporizer that combines mid-range price (140$) with a 3000mAh battery (around 2 hours of life during use) and can produce flavor close to undistinguishable from its higher priced competitors like Pax 3 (priced at 200$). It comes with quality components too – a sizeable ceramic heating chamber and a stainless steel air pathway. The Atom offers a 30 days money back guarantee.

Portable Vaporizers – Features

vaporizer for weedIt has several useful features – safety from over charging or over discharging, a motion sensor driven indicator of battery life (you shake the device and get a certain color of light depending on battery status – green for charged, yellow for partial, red for low and blue for charging.), three different temperature settings and has several mouthpiece heat protectors included so you can share herb but not saliva with your companions. But the cherry on top of the cake is that the Atom is a device designed for sessions rather than for single puffs – you can heat it once and inhale several times, but you still have to do so in a brisk manner.

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Unfortunately no device is perfect and the Atom too has several shortcomings. While the battery has a good 2 hour life, it also needs about 4 hours to fully recharge. Although its fits inside the hand , there are smaller vapes out there and given that the Atom marijuana vaporizer has about 2 minutes of heating time, it is not the optimal choice for public consumption. Of smaller import but a problem nevertheless is the fact that the Atom comes only in black and has an outer shell made of cheaper materials. Read more about the Atmos here:

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All in all while we can’t say the Atom is the next hottest thing since sliced bread on the vape market, we can certainly recommend it is one of the better products in its price range. To sum it up, the VaporFi Atom combines quality core features with affordable price achieved at the cost of trendy conveniences and outer appearance.

Seo Berlin – Suchmaschinenoptimierung Agentur

Seo Berlin

Agentur für SEO in Berlin
Majestic SEO refers to a platform of analyzing backlinks for current prospects and customers. Backlinks to a site are usually an important factor that results in determination of how well one ranks in the search engines for any keyword given. By creating an account, a person can get a limited number of free searches in a day. This is however limited as one only finds top level statistics( Citation and Trust Flows) of the page/domain being searched for and hence finding just a small number of the actual backlinks.

Beratung in SuchmaschinenoptimierungA person can use majestic berlin SEO in analyzing the profile of backlink of any web page of website. In particular, the following metrics can be looked at:

i. Number of backlinks which points to the site

ii. Number of referring domains which are pointing to the site.

iii. Citation and Trust flows. These are the statistics of majestic.

iv. Anchor text profiles

v. Exact links which points to the site

Seo Agentur Berlin

Seo berlin

Uses of Majestic SEO Beratung backlink analysis

a) Analyzing the backlinks of a competing page or site needed to be outranked.

b) Finding potential backlinks sources for a personal or clients sites.

c) Building a broken link.

d) Checking the backlink profile of the site for potential links of bad neighborhoods.

Suchmaschinenoptimierung Berlin


i. Takes into account a more visual approach than other tools of backlink which can be used for data analyzing in a new way or for presentations.

SEOii. It dives into the history of backlink. This history is very helpful during the analysis of prospects.

iii. Has a reasonable price for the amount of information got.

iv. It provides trustworthy data.

v. Graphs engaged are easy to understand.

Seo Beratung Berlin


i. Despite of it giving a lot of information, its terminologies require reading and training so as to get the understanding of the meaning and what it refers to.

ii. Being a link tool, it is a hard sell budget in case one already has other tools such as Moz’s Open Site Explorer.

iii. It requires better support. Contact forms are usually not enough.

iv. Freezes on export

v. It lacks features which are present in other Suchmaschinenoptimierung Agentur Berlin suites like SEMRush and Moz

Suchmaschinenoptimierung Agentur BerlinConclusion

It is worth having a majestic SEO when interested to getting ahead with SEO Experte whether for client based SEO work, affiliate marketing or running in house campaigns for the employer. Or you just contact For those who want to begin in backlink analysis, having a majestic SEO optimierung berlin will be very impressive by doing a perfect job. It is a good tool that helps in identification of poor quality links.

DreamHost Hosting Review – Best Webhosting?

DreamHost was founded in 1997 by a couple of friends that were in college at the time. Today, this is an award-winning company that provides hosting for over 1.5 million websites.


shared hosting

Shared Web Hosting Servers

This is the popular choice for starting websites and blogs. For a very affordable price, you can get unlimited space, bandwidth, e-mail and everything else you might need for a nice website.

Dedicated Web Servers

Unlimited data transfers per month are a key feature of dedicated web servers. This option is intended for those who have awebsite with very high traffic.

Virtual Private Servers

Your own server is a good idea if you’re running your own e-commerce business, although the base memory that DreamHost offers is not that big.

Unique Control Panel

Unlike many other companies that use cPanel, DreamHost created their own Control Panel with some very neat features. They are proud of the fact they’ve been perfecting it for over 10 years now.

WordPress Hosting

The company hosts more than 750,000 WordPress websites. This offer includes additional security features directly related to WordPress, daily backups and automatic update of the software.


· Extremely reliable – DreamHost is one of those companies that actually speaks the truth when it claims it will offer you 99.99% uptime. They are very reliable and will extend your account for any noted downtime.

· A lot of different security features –starting from SSL certificates all the way to some advanced stuff like setting up Cron jobs to monitor processes and schedule tasks on your website.

· Money-back guarantee – The majority of other companies gives a timeframe between 15 to 30 days to return your money. However, DreamHost gives you 97 daysmoney-back guarantee you can activate at any moment and get your cash back immediately.



· Limited Phone Support – customer support goes through Live Chat or e-mail and you don’t have the option of actually callingDreamHost. Truth to be told, you can request a callback but you will be additionally charged for that as it’s not included in your hosting package.

host· Setting up your account takes hours – once you sign up for DreamHost, you need to be a bit patient until they create your account. While it takes only several hours, numerous other providers allow you to start instantly. That qualifies this for the cons list despite the fact that it’s only a one-time thing.


DreamHost is an excellent hosting company. It offers avast array of services, a host of security and other tools to enhance the safety and performance of your website. Novice users might need some time to get used to it but experienced webmasters will surely be satisfied with using DreamHost.