Is New York City the best destination to get your YTT Certification?

Traveling with a purpose is something more and more people try to achieve. Rather than simply visiting different places around the world, these people are on a meaningful path and wish to find mental strength, implement new spiritual disciplines or learn a new skill.

If you’re into techniques of controlling the body and the mind, you’ve come to the right place, will guide you towards finding the best yoga travel destinations in the world.

To start with, you should decide whether you want to practice a specific style or you are open to any type of studio and styles. Some people prefer only Bikram aka “hot yoga” to improve the lower body strength. While others swear by the health benefits of the physically demanding Ashtanga popularized by K. Pattabhi Jois.

You can be confident that you’ll find a suitable practice! Particularly if you go to big cities like New York City and to well-known travel destinations like Goa or Oahu. In some situations, you may want to travel to a place where your favorite yoga teachers & gurus are located.



Mysore, in southern India is one of the best examples, as it is the very core of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga and home to the most reputable instructors of this modern practice. Get physical adjustment advice and practice Ashtanga also in your own pace.



At the same time, you’re going to find lots of like-minded yogis to interact with in Brooklyn, NY: Share ideas, opinions & experiences. Interaction is the beauty of such enlightened communities and a great way to build relationships and to improve your skills.


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In addition, schools of Hinduism in Costa Rica can prove to be very useful to solo travelers. If you are one of them, you’ll never be alone in your travels, as long as you find yoga trainings at your destination.



More advanced yogis will probably want to rather focus more on having a life-changing, transformationell YTT course in Koh Samui, than just improve their flexibility, strength or meditation skills.

The abroad Vinyasa Work Study Beginner Program: Stay focused. Go with the flow.

Finding the best travel destinations to learn Indian traditions is a matter of careful research and of knowing your philosophy, priorities and your limitations. Bikram by B. Choudhury might be too much to handle for beginners under heated conditions. Once you’re clear about the styles you want to learn, you’ll easily find the right countries to travel to. The easiest thing to do start with western studios that teach Hatha. Get to know the physical postures in this popular practice and feel looser and more relaxed.

If you are a beginner, you may need classes that focus on teaching you the right breathing techniques, the basic postures, strengthening your mind & body connection, and the main challenges of your favorite sequences. Once you master the basics of this Indian tradition, you can seek for affordable yoga teacher training nyc to take you to the next level of this discipline.

The good thing about our modern world is that you don’t have to stay at home to be able to stick to your daily practice. Even though you can get an online ytt certification. All cities and towns have at least a few good yoga studios, regardless of their geographic location. Hindu teachers have studied with reputable masters, so they are able to pass on the knowledge to students from all over the world.

If you can’t find enough resources by using a search engine, you should seek for local vinyasa centers near me. Go trough many sequences, link breath to your movement and stay focused on your mat. Ask them for work study programs and get the chance for great education.

Traveling around from New York to India and putting the mantras repeated in class into practice, is a great goal to work towards to. Do your research before choosing your next destinations to make sure you have this experience under the most rejuvenating conditions possible.